Short and clear at court hearings

Annika is a lawyer, and she’s passionate about violin music. She joined Toastmasters because she found the people at the club to be open-minded and fun.

Where have you applied your Toastmasters skills in your daily life?

“I represent clients in court hearings, where the final speech should be short, precise, instantly understandable, clear, simple and strong, all at the same time. Additionally we counsel foreign clients regarding Estonian legislation, where we use the same standard: short but clear, that the average person will understand the message..”

What do you think has been behind Toastmasters’ global success for almost 100 years?

“Clear method, which is the same everywhere. There are no other similar ones.”

What advice would you give to a friend, who suffers from public speaking anxiety?

“Only you notice and remember the mistakes and your internal fear, the ordinary audience will not see that.”