Only practice makes perfect

Sten is a small business- and startup owner, who’s passionate about travelling, new experiences, growing businesses and understanding, how the human brain works. He joined Toastmasters because he realized that public speaking is very very useful in his everyday life and that he can only really become better at it by practicing. Also, he finds it to be a good way to expand his comfort zone 🙂

Where have you applied your Toastmasters skills in your daily life?

“Mostly in communication one to one or small groups. The aim is to be more clear, calm, engaging, effective, persuasive and entertaining. But I want to be ready to communicate also with the larger audience.”

What do you think has been behind Toastmasters’ global success for almost 100 years?

“Good teaching system that has been developed and tested over a long period of time by very good speakers. And it`s something that so many people need.”

What advice would you give to a friend, who suffers from public speaking anxiety?

“Just go out and practice it in any possible way. Talk about topics that you care about, do it naturally as you would do among your friends and try to include interesting stories.”