Toastmasters Tallinn Annika Veisson

Annika Veisson


Short & clear at court hearings
Annika is a lawyer and she’s passionate about violin music. She joined Toastmasters because she found the people at the club to be fun.

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Toastmasters Tallinn Tuuli Pruul

Tuuli Pruul


Stage practice for stage performance
Tuuli is a musician. In addition to music, she’s passionate about animals, and she joined Toastmasters because of the fun and supportive people 🙂

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Toastmasters Tallinn Sten Tuudak

Sten Tuudak


Only practice makes perfect
Sten is a small business- and startup owner, who’s passionate about travelling, new experiences, growing businesses and understanding, how the human brain works.

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Martin Malm


Get out of your comfort zone
Martin is the CEO at a law firm, and he’s passionate about global finance, economics and globalization. He joined Toastmasters to develop his public performance skills.

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Toastmasters Tallinn Everiin Silas

Everiin Silas


Giving positive feedback trains the brain
Everiin is passionate about travelling, health hacks and personal development. She joined Toastmasters because she wanted to train her communication skills before starting a new challenging job.

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Face your fears
Ivo is a trader, who’s passionate about freedom, truth and success. He joined Toastmasters because he enjoyed the club atmosphere 🙂

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